Andrea C. Ramsel’s main focus is painting in oils in the classical style.

Starting out in oils over 25 years ago, she developed skills in other painting mediums as well.

While studying “Kreative Malerei” (creative painting techniques) at the ‘Hamburger Akademie für Fernstudien’, she experimented with various mediums. Graphite, Pastels, Watercolor, Gouache, Acrylics and Oils supported a wide variation of styles to depict beloved themes.

After successful completion of this distance study Andrea C. Ramsel decided to follow the path of her utmost desire: paint in oils!

This led her into the adventure and joy of studying old masters and their use of oil paints thoroughly.

Modern Technology and the use of the Internet allowed studying at the Web Art Academy and the Old Masters Academy in London, where she expended her knowledge.

This long living way of painting, the precision and complexity is the motivation for her creation of oil paintings in a laborious, long lasting process.

Her artwork collectors appreciate this effort and are touched by the brilliant, translucent colors, which only can be reached by this classical way of painting.


“To depict the world around me and to capture my feelings in this special moment onto the canvas, just using pigments and oils fulfills me with joy and happiness.

I would love to transfer a glance of the magic of that moment to the viewer.” – Andrea C.  Ramsel