Artist’s Philosophy

It is a miracle to be able to see color.

The perception of color requires light.

 White light or sun light contains all colors.

Reflection, absorption or transmission determines envision.

Sight is individual, as is perspective.

Emotional security and love are the basic things in life.

Feeling of protection in our childhood carries us through life.

Longing therefore persists.

Good, if we can get caring and help. Good, if we can offer our support.

Rituals give us protection and structure.

They recall, they concatenate, and they serve.

It is our mission to pass on the knowledge.

Self-confidence and self-consciousness grows in the exchange of ideas.

Changing unsatisfying situations require sometimes aggression to survive, to grow, to free up resources.

Life is a playground. Remember this!

We tend to specialize, which is essential to fulfill our jobs.

However, it is also important that we remember to play, to enjoy and to celebrate the miracle of our life.

This allows us to find our human destiny.

Home is in your heart. The good feeling to be around beloved ones.

It is remembrance of views, smells, and feelings in your childhood and youth.

It is being part of the big picture. It is, what you can envision.

Seeing the big picture requires to step back and view from a distance.

It is allowing a different point of view.

It is celebrating the similarities and the contrarieties.

It is acceptance and change. It is now!

Holistic perception of life allows us to care for each other.

It forces us to engage ourselves into long-lasting projects.

It requires our attention to change things to the better.

The everlasting impression:

Our foot print. It can be something big, something small.

Important is, that you have tried to do your best and that it is yots. u!