Who is the Winner?

When introducing the final result of the “Conservation of the Humboldt Penguin” project, some people said with this project, we have created a ‘Win-Win-Win” situation for each party.

My question: is there such a thing as an isolated “Win” situation in our attempt to support the conservation of nature? We all profit from an intact environment, far or close by. We are all responsible for the protection of our habitat on this globe. Everybody can take the responsibility in their spot. All starts with mindfulness in our surrounding! 

You might think that this is not for you? 

This blog provides some valuable information what it takes to make your ideas go viral.

If people who are willing to go beyond their comfort zone, start spending their time and energy, something bigger can be created!

So let me explain, how all this came together:

First I would like to introduce the parties:

Wildlife conservation organization Sphenisco, founded by Gabriele and Werner Knauf, supported by extraordinary individuals worldwide.

Ramsel Winery, founded in the 19th century, a family based business with the desire to carry it into the next generation.

Fine Artist Andrea Ramsel, realistic oil painter, looking for a wildlife organization to support with her creative talent.

What does it take to transform an idea into reality?

Or let us start even earlier: 

If you are just a little bit like me, you probably have tons of ideas popping up in your head.

How do you know, which idea you should approach!

To be able to isolate this project idea from the thousand thoughts and ideas I had in my head, was the instance that I was communicating my idea to a member of the Sphensico Organisation I hardly knew. After speaking about my desire, this idea went viral and came into my conscious for the next couple of days and did not go away. So I was seeking another conversation with my acquaintance.  He provided the contact dates of the organization founders and I reached out for them. I offered to visit them with a couple of my paintings, so they could get an idea of my artwork. 

An invitation to the organization’s breeding cell resulted in a very constructive brainstorming session. My initial goal to support the organization with art prints and bags gave way to reality of former experiences of the organization. Something new had to be produced!

New does not necessarily mean: brand new, but new in this context!

I believe that true success as I see it, is only possible if you act upon your personal values and your personal talents. 

Obviously my subconscious knew better than my brain: 

A previous successful project, which has been created with my art and my husband’s incredible talent as a wine-maker appeared in my mind! 

Why not? 

Knowing that it is possible, since we have done it before, and knowing that this will be a great deal of work ahead of us, I could express my thoughts, well knowing that I will have 100% support from my entourage at home.

Obviously I was so thrilled from my own thoughts, that I had the necessary energy in my voice and body. I lightened the participants of our brainstorming group. 

The remaining part of this project, folks, is sheer, plain work!

In my next blog post, I will provide information, how I have created the oil painting of the Humboldt penguin in the Atacama Desert.